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Jain... We try to display the colors in the pictures as realistically as possible. However, it is unfortunately not always possible to display the color correctly on every display. There are technical reasons for this. If you are not sure whether you like the color, you can alternatively look at your shisha shop around the corner, they will certainly have our products on offer!

Yes, you can still use all the blow-off systems of your Breeze 2 with our blow-off sleeves! You can still blow out the smoke from bottom to top, from top to bottom and on the charcoal plate!

The Blow-Off Sleeves capture the smoke through the pipe's original blow-offs, directing it and leading to the outlet holes. The smoke is then used alone to blow off the sleeve. The other blow-offs with the Breeze 2 e.g. possible can then no longer be used. For this you need either the original sleeve or one of ours Rocket Sleeves.

Guarantee and Refund Policy

Yes, we give you a one-year guarantee on the durability of the sleeves! All items offered are fragile, we assume no liability for sleeves that are broken through your own fault.

Just write us about that contact form from your problem. If we come to the conclusion that you didn't destroy the sleeve yourself, we will of course replace it for you!

Yes, you can send the sleeve back and you will get your money back! Just write to us about this contact form! The return costs are not covered by us. If you have further questions, look at the cancellation policy.

If you don't like the mouthtip, you can't send it back for hygiene reasons! If your mouthtip is broken, you are of course entitled to a complaint! Just write to us about it here!

Order Information

You can pay via Paypal in our shop. Other payment methods will be available in the future. So check back regularly and subscribe to our newsletter!

Since we process all our orders within one working day and send them via DHL, it takes about 2 to 4 working days for your order to reach you. If your ordered sleeve is not in stock (see the "Pre-order" label), it will take longer for your sleeve to arrive, as we have to print the sleeve first.

If you order from Germany, the shipping costs up to a purchase value of €59.99 are €4.99 per order. From a purchase value of 60 € the shipping is free! In other EU countries, the flat-rate shipping fee is €14.99 and €26.99 to Switzerland. The high costs for deliveries to Switzerland or Austria are due to the high costs of DHL. You can find the table here!

about us

All our sleeves and mouthpieces are Made in Germany! We produce all sleeves and mouthpieces in the beautiful Palatinate. Since working conditions and quality are very important to us, we would like to refrain from producing our 3D printed products abroad in the future. Despite that, our price is very fair and competitive!


You should always pack your sleeve separately so that it is not separated from other parts in your backpack or similar. can be scratched. I would also recommend washing your sleeve once after each shisha session so that any Do not clog existing holes with molasses. Also, don't try to screw your charcoal plate on as tightly as you can, otherwise there may be too much tension on your sleeve and it will tear!

If we don't offer a sleeve for your pipe yet, then write to us! Or just wait, it may be that we will soon be offering a sleeve for your pipe too!

If we couldn't answer all your questions, just write to us about it Contact form!